Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Strange Hollywood Heist

Now, I like Gregory Peck as an actor. But this is just strange:
A Hollywood Star Is Torn
Thieves cut through terrazzo and concrete to carry off the Walk of Fame's tribute to Gregory Peck.

Someone has walked off with Gregory Peck at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Thieves equipped with a concrete saw cut through terrazzo and concrete to hoist out the pink, five-pointed star that frames a movie camera emblem and the late actor's bronzed name, authorities in Hollywood said Tuesday.
What would you do with a big pink concrete star? It's not like you can sell it - I think they would notice.

Another question for you - how did they get away, apparently unnoticed? "Excuse me, is that a star from the Walk of Fame?"

"Why no, it's my new doorstop."



At 6:12 AM, Blogger Maine Man said...

Don't you ever watch the movies? The thieves dress up like workmen and put out orange cones.


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