Thursday, July 14, 2005

You Shall Know Them By Their Works

From the Mudville Gazette:

BAGHDAD -- A suicide bomber in an explosives-laden SUV killed at least 27, including an American soldier, late this morning in the deadliest insurgent attack in more than two months...

Many, if not most of the dead were children loitering and playing near U.S. soldiers at an impromptu checkpoint in Baghdad al-Jadida, a lower-middle class residential district populated by Shiites, Sunnis and Christians.
So, the enemy reveals himself.

In case 1998 did not teach us, or 2001, or 1983, perhaps this might teach the professional whiners what we are up against. But I won't hold my breath.

These people do not seek a redress of poverty, a rebalance of power, or demand a right to clean underwear. They seek dominion and power over others.

They seek to deny the liberty and agency of others. They seek to force others to obey the sharia code. And should they succeed and live, well, they'll just happen to play key roles in the "earthly paradise"/police state they shall have built.

For if they are as faithful as they claim, then the number of occasions that they have told Allah to sit and wait and hold his tongue are amazing. An example: Islamic fundamentalists didn't like Saddam Hussein too much; he was impure, a secular socialist in the Nasser style. But they were willing to work with him when the occasion demanded.

They do not seek heaven on Earth. They desire power.

And they will kill anyone to get it.


At 10:55 AM, Blogger Mandy said...

Absolutely! Well put and to the point.

Sadly, I also must agree with you that the people who need to get the point are too oblivious to do so.

They think that this kind of attack is just another symptom of "the mess we made when we invaded their country" to quote last night's Law & Order rerun.

But keep up the good fight- you never know when you will be the one to get through to someone no one else has been able to reach.

At 4:34 PM, Blogger Nathan said...

Welcome, Mandy. Thanks for the comments.

Sometimes the only recompense in such terror situations is knowing that everyone will one day face Divine Justice.


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