Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dying Democracy in Venezuela

One party state. President for Life. Suppression of dissent.

Death squads. Socialism run amok.

Dean Esmay talks Venezuela. It's not pretty.

I doubt that former PDVSA worker Jose Villas, who was murdered by Chavez's Left Wing Death squads while protesting Chavez's regime would consider these deaths squads "folkloric". "The Territorial Guard is being created as a death squad, a terrorist and killing apparatus, covered up by the impunity it would get from its direct dependence from the head of state," said Oswaldo Alvarez Paz, one of the few remaining opposition state governors. Many anti-war protesters, between shouts of Bush=Hitler, will effusively praise Chavez's "democratically elected" government. How many of them would be willing to go to Venezuela and protest any aspect of Chavez's homicidal "democratically elected" regime? I'm guessing none.


At 4:44 PM, Blogger Nathan said...

And no mainstream media coverage...big surprise. We should all count our blessings that we live in such a wonderful country. God bless the USA!


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