Friday, May 12, 2006

The Friday Furo Questus

Questus Furore - King Rocky
It's just a flat-out rant today.

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson has budgeted $20,000 for a portrait of himself.

Twenty thousand dollars.

Now, I don't object to the idea of a portrait, per se. Our offices deserve some pomp and circumstance.

I just don't think the mayor of Salt Lake City deserves twenty thousand dollars' worth of pomp.

But given Rocky's political proclivities and progressive politics, plus his warm personal leadership style, I have an idea of what the picture will look like:

What do you think?

Recommended Reading
Victor Davis Hanson, "In The Eye Of The Beholder."

Jonah Goldberg, "Pick Up Your Own Crap." (Don't be put off by the title. This one of Jonah's G-Files, where he delves into a topic at length. It's a good one, on populism.)

Robert Rubin, "I Was An Icelandic War Criminal." (This is an interesting one too. There is a disturbiung trend by a few left-wing extremists to crmiinalize any views they disagree with. Look for yourself.)

Geoffrey Norman, "The Greenest State." Politics, Vermont-style.

Thought of the Week
"At the establishment of our constitutions, the judiciary bodies were supposed to be the most helpless and harmless members of the government. Experience, however, soon showed in what way they were to become the most dangerous; that the insufficiency of the means provided for their removal gave them a freehold and irresponsibility in office; that their decisions, seeming to concern individual suitors only, pass silent and unheeded by the public at large; that these decisions, nevertheless, become law by precedent, sapping, by little and little, the foundations of the constitution, and working its change by construction, before any one has perceived that that invisible and helpless worm has been busily employed in consuming its substance. In truth, man is not made to be trusted for life, if secured against all liability to account."
Thomas Jefferson (letter to Monsieur A. Coray, 31 October 1823)

Churchill Quote of the Week
"The worst difficulties from which we suffer do not come from without. The come from within. They do not come from the cottages of the wage-earners. They come from a peculiar type of brainy people always found in our country, who, if they add something to its culture, take much from its strength. Our difficulties come from the mood of unwarrantable self-abasement into which we have been cast by a powerful section of our own intellectuals. They come from the acceptance of defeatist doctrines by a large proportion of our politicians ... Nothing can save England if she will not save herself. If we lose faith in ourselves, in our capacity to guide and govern, if we lose our will to live, then indeed our story is told."
Sir Winston Churchill, April 24, 1933


At 3:16 PM, Blogger j.m. said...

I can't see the Rocky image...

At 5:03 PM, Blogger Nathan said...

I'm sure Rocky would have commissioned a statue of himself for the Main Street Plaza if he thought he could get away with it.


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