Thursday, May 04, 2006

Democrat gets 'Real'

As a resident of Sandy, I give a warm, heartfelt "Thank you!" to Salt Lake County mayor, Peter Corroon (D), for sticking up for the taxpayer. If you have not already heard, major league soccer's REAL Salt Lake team had asked for taxpayer dollars for a new soccer-only stadium in Sandy. Like a spoiled child, REAL stuck out their hands demanding $Millions for their precious stadium. However, their financial documents leaked out, which raised some serious questions about the feasibility of their proposal. Mayor Corroon put his foot down and refused to give REAL Salt Lake the $35M they requested.

The best argument for not funding REAL is money. Guess what, the county doesn't have an extra $35M floating around in pocket change. They would have to bond out for $48.5M according to Corroon. This still doesn't sound too extreme until you figure that over the life of the bond, the interest payments would end up costing the county $87.5M!!! And that my friends, is exactly why we do not need a new REAL soccer stadium. Let them find independent investors to foot the bill. I hope none of my tax money gets filtered out to these weasels.

I hope you're listening, Tom Dolan (Mayor, Sandy). We don't want you pandering to these guys. We don't want you giving them our money. Leave the butt-kissing to Rocky Anderson (Mayor, Salt Lake City) After all, he's a seasoned, professional butt-kisser; and, hopefully REAL will decide to locate in their namesake, Salt Lake City.


At 12:01 PM, Blogger Maine Man said...

This reminds me of a national issue. Everyone seems to be complaining about the high price of gas but the only congressperson (that I have heard) to suggest repealing the federal tax on gas was a Democrat!

I'm glad someone is saying it, but shouldn't it be the "conservatives?" I think we are witnessing a party re-definition in which the Republicans are becoming Fiscally Liberal (incompetent) and Moral Conservative (so they claim) while the Democrats by default are becoming Fiscally Conservative and remaining Morally Liberal (bankrupt).

At 12:41 PM, Blogger Reach Upward said...

As admirable as the call for the gas tax cut is, the devil is in the details. The cut would only last through the summer months. And the government wouldn't actually lose that money. The plan was to make up for it by raising taxes on oil corporation taxes.

Follow the bouncing ball here. Raise taxes on oil companies and they will pass it on to their customers. They won't simply fund it out of their profits. So in the end the people buying the gas would be in the same boat as before, except that the money they pay would simply be funneled through a different bureaucratic method.

So much for fiscal responsibility.

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Maine Man said...

I feared it might be something like that. I recognize that in political speak ("new speak")"tax cut" is only a PR stunt that politicians pull that means "tax relocation."

I find it all very ironic. If the Fed were a publicly-traded company that all the politicians would be in jail


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