Friday, May 05, 2006

The Washoe Furo Questus

Back from Reno, and I didn't even lose my shirt. Of course, it helps not to bet in the first place. Didn't have time to make it to Virginia City, but maybe next time.

Got a lot of reading done on this trip. I was able to get into Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep. I think Chandler is going to become a favorite of mine. He has a gift for prose, one that is fun to read as he takes you through the tawdry side of 1930s Los Angeles.

A quick wrapup of the news:

The Editors of National Review said it best: "We Lost." Zacarias Moussaoui will now spend the rest of his life behind bars in a maximum-security prison in Florence, Colorado, rather than be executed for conspiring and planning the murder of 3000 American citizens. Anyone want to bet the usual suspects arrange for his parole inside of twenty years? (Although I'm angry about this, rather than depressed.)

Victor Davis Hanson, "For Better or Worse?"

Ralph Peters, "The Tribes Are Back."

For some goings-on in the world of country music, go here.

That's all for this week. Have a good weekend.


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