Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricane Rita: Here We Go Again

From the Galveston Daily News

In 48 hours, Hurricane Rita has blossomed from a tropical storm to a category-5 hurricane. Landfall is expected by Saturday morning, somewhere in the general vicinity of Houston. Evacuations have begun all up and down the upper Texas Gulf coast, included Galveston and low-lying areas in Houston. If the storm proceeds at the same pace and track as predicted this morning, it could remain a hurricane all the way inland to Dallas.

As before, I'll keep the hurricane news to a minimum here; I'll post most of that stuff over on the Pacific Slope. I hope to have a more detailed news post and some oil news up by this time tomorrow morning.

Our own Jamo is a former resident of Houston, if I remember correctly. Jamo - any thoughts? And could you tell us more about the city?

As far as immediate local impacts go - expect your gas prices to go up, today if they haven't already. 20% of America's refineries are shut down due to the combined impacts and threats of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and both storms have traveled or are travelling through major concentrations of offshore oil platforms. And Utah Task Force One, an urban search-and-rescue team consisting of Utah firefighters, rescue experts, and support personnel, has been mobilized and is staging into Texas this morning.

Some websites and weblogs to watch:
National Hurricane Center
Houston Chronicle and their special weblog, Stormwatchers
Galveston Daily News
Wall Street Journal - Storm Tracker
Drudge Report
Blogs of War - Hurricane Rita page


At 10:16 AM, Blogger The Unknowable said...

So my old mission stomping ground, G-Town is in danger. I cant wait for more non-stop news programing for another week.

arn't I quite the humanitarian.


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