Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Rambing 'Round The Web

Suggested for your perusal this morning:

Zimbabwe is getting worse. Not content with destroying his economy, Mugabe has decided to start bulldozing homes and factories in order to "encourage" his people to go back to the farms. Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin make room for him at their table in Hell. The international press is too busy to notice, as they enter Week 75 of Abu Grahib Watch.

Jay Nordlinger speaks of a man we should all get to know, Vaclav Havel, and of blind Bush hatred:
...there’s nothing like coming back with Bush-hatred! That is the passion that can survive anything.

Kind of a shame.
James Lileks takes a look at where we are in the War on Terror:
Stories like these must be told, of course, if only to show what the media finds important, and remind us how good things are going. I can imagine in late 2001 asking a question of myself in 2005:
What’s the main story? The smallpox quarantine? Fallout from the Iranian – Israeli exchange contaminating Indian crops? A series of bombings in heartland malls?
"Well, no – the big story today has to do with soldiers mishandling terrorists' holy texts at a detention center."
Mishandling? How? Like, you mean, they opened it up without first checking to see if it was ticking, and it blew up –
"No, they handled it in a way that disrespected it. Infidels are supposed to use gloves."
Oh. So we lost, then.
And one more - a tale of political intrigue and media blindness, at National Review.


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