Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Holographic DNA

Another step up in security in an effort to beat counterfeiters. Now plant DNA is being incorporated into holographic security labeling to provide added protection. It will conclusively distinguish genuine products from fakes.

"06/14/2005 - Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. announced the completion of a 6-month R&D program to develop a DNA-embedded hologram. The announcement follows the successful testing of the new DNA-embedded holographic security product by the Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory. The holograms were developed under an agreement with Holomex, a leading security hologram supplier, who provided the latest advancements in holographic technology for this project. The goal of the program was to design a multi-layered security product that has both the convenience and speed of optical readability and the absolute certainty of DNA forensic authentication.

The DNA holograms are the first of several product configurations planned under the business alliance with Holomex. APDN and Holomex will target several industry sectors with the new security labels. The pharmaceutical, beauty product, automotive and entertainment industries are the primary targets." (Article)

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. website


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