Thursday, August 10, 2006

British Break Up Terror Plot

British intelligence and police have foiled a major terror plot.

The basic outline of the plot seems to be this: using liquid explosives disguised as common items (beverages, lotions, gels) or concealed in electronic devices, suicide bombers would destroy planes on Trans-Atlantic flights.

21 people have been arrested in connection with this plot; rumor is that they are all British citizens, of Pakistani ethnicity. This has not been confirmed.

As you can imagine, there is a lot left to learn about this.

Quote of the day comes from Instapundit:
"Some people have decided that the war on terror is passe. But although you may not be interested in terrorism, terrorism is still interested in you."

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At 4:49 PM, Blogger Nathan said...

It was ironic yesterday, after hearing about the terrorist plot on the radio, a commercial came on for a sports energy drink without a lot of sugar and caffeine.

Their slogan: "the sports drink that won't make you crash."

Perhaps it's time that they rethink their marketing strategy.


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