Wednesday, July 19, 2006

RomneyWatch: "Don't Count Out The Mormon."

Kathryn Jean Lopez has a new column in today's National Review Online on the role religious bias may play in a Romney run. The key:
However, these current generic numbers, Green says, “don’t necessarily predict outcomes. The reason is that the candidates are real people with records, skills and programs — all of which can matter more at the ballot box than generalized opinions about religious groups.”

So as the discussion moves from an anonymous Mormon candidate to the real, live Mitt Romney, and from abstract speculation to actual primaries and caucuses, polling will become more meaningful. Those opposed to a generic Mormon candidate may reveal that their opposition is prompted much more by political ideology than by sectarian concerns about religion.

But this really caught my eye:
In the 2006 [Los Angeles Times] poll, self-described “liberal Democrats” were those most likely to oppose a Mormon candidate.
So much for tolerance, I guess. I wonder how Senator Harry Reid feels about that?

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