Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What Price Art?

"BAKER, Calif. - An artist who chained his legs together to draw a picture of the image hopped 12 hours through the desert after realizing he lost the key and couldn't unlock the restraints, authorities said Wednesday."

There is a reason artists are not taken seriously by a lot of people. Events like this constitute that reason.

But it gets better. "The artist, who is from the area, often sketched images inside mines in the Southwest. He had finished his drawing Tuesday when he realized he didn't have the key. He finally made it to a gas station and called the sheriff's department, which sent paramedics and deputies with bolt cutters. His legs were bruised but he was otherwise in good health, Ford said.

The artist did not have a listed phone number and could not be reached for comment. And the drawing?

'He brought it down with him,' Ford said. 'It was a pretty good depiction of how a chain would look wrapped around your legs.' "

No mention is made of the expression on the Deputy Ford's face as he made those last remarks. I can venture a guess.


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