Monday, September 25, 2006

Romney Courts Social Conservatives

Mitt Romney is winning over social conservatives, essential to a Republican presidential nomination in 2008. As John Fund reports in the Wall Street Journal:
The tall barrier many see as blocking his acceptance by evangelical voters--the fact that many Americans view Mormonism with suspicion or worse--may prove to be a mirage. "Everyone I talked to said they didn't have a problem with it," one attendee told me. "If enough people say that to each other, Romney creates a virtuous circle in which evangelical activists decide he's acceptable." Ralph Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition, notes that something similar has happened in recent years as devout Catholic and evangelical Protestants have increasingly focused on areas of agreement. "Romney won't be the ideal choice for evangelicals, but against a McCain in the primary or a Hillary Clinton in the general election there's no doubt where most would go," he says.
The full article is reproduced at The Pacific Slope, in the event it becomes no longer available.

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