Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Critique of Romney's Health Plan

Romney's health care plan is not very attractive to some of those whose support he needs in the primaries. Sally Pipes, writing for NRO:
Republican Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is trying to accomplish in his final year in office what Democrats can only dream of these days: boosting government spending on and regulation of health care and requiring individuals to purchase government-designed policies. Romney’s plan, which is backed by such liberals as Sen. Ted Kennedy (D., Mass.), is being pitched as a compact between citizens and the state.

Thanks to state-imposed regulations requiring companies to charge the same rates to the sick and the healthy, individual health insurance is not always a good deal in Massachusetts, at least for those who are young and healthy. The result: Many people elect not to purchase health insurance, unless it’s provided at work at a deep discount or as a hidden cost.
Ms. Pipes' article is as good a place as any to start sizing up Mitt Romney's domestic ideas...

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