Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Senator Reid, Disappointment

So much for a warmer tone in the Senate by removing Dachle.

In case you weren't aware, Sen. Reid (D-Nevada) gave a speech to a Las Vegas high school wherein he called President Bush "a loser." He later apologized, supposedly.

I say supposedly because yesterday Sen. Reid gave a press conference (see the above link) where he admitted to making a poor choice of words, and then proceeded to blame Bush for everything from the judicial filibuster, the war in Iraq, and the deficit to tooth decay and the missing sock lost in the dryer.

Of course, he failed to mention any solution to any of the above problems.

I was hoping for more from the Senator from Nevada. He had a chance to change how the Dems operate in the Senate, and he has thrown it away.

How disappointing.


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