Monday, April 25, 2005

The Anglosphere Challenge

An interesting idea is floating around the internet, and now has materialized into a book.

Basically, the "Anglosphere" is the democracies of the British Commonwealth plus the United States: the UK, US, Canada, India, Australia, and New Zealand, among other successor states. The idea is that these nations, the heirs to British and American liberal political thought (liberal in the traditional, 1700s sense rather than the modern socialistic sense), need to band together to preserve those traditional ideals against ideologies that seek to submerge them beneath more absolutist forms of govenment in order to either serve God (see the Wahabist form of Islam) or enforce equality (see Communism or socialism, writ large). Interestingly enough, both opponents employ similar means to attempt their wildly divergent goals - a concentration of power in the state and the state's responsibility to a scant few "worthy" to employ that power.

I'm going to ponder this a little more in depth over on the Pacific Slope, but I wanted to call this to your attention first. I like to pretend I think great thoughts from time to time.


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