Monday, March 28, 2005

FLASH - Major Earthquake off Sumatra - UPDATED 3/29 8:25 AM

A magnitude 8.2 earthquake has occurred off the coast of Sumatra, near the epicenter of last December's disastrous 9.0 quake. UPDATE: QUAKE MAGNITUDE NOW REPORTED AS MAG 8.7. QUAKE OCCURED AT 11:09 PM SUMATRA, 9:09 AM MST. [UPDATED 1:01 PM MST.]


Tsunami warnings have been issued. More as it becomes available.

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UPDATE: Rather than keep posting, I'm doing to update this post.

[1:01 PM] Quake magnitude upgraded to 8.7. Reports of widespread damage and dozens of casualties in Indonesia. Tsunami warnings in Indonesia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. There has not been any confirmed report of a tsunami, but the location and magnitude of the quake make a tsunami likely.

[2:35 PM] Some good news, finally. It appears that this quake failed to generate a large tsunami. While a small tidal surge was detected off the west coast of Australia, it appears that the danger is past.

[3/29/2005 8:25AM] No tsunami, but high casualties. The death toll is now expected to climb into the thousands.


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