Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Vatican Considers Consigning Limbo to Oblivion - New York Times

This month, 30 top theologians from around the world met at the Vatican to discuss, among other quandaries, the problem of what happens to babies who die without baptism. They do not like the word for it, but what they were really doing, as theological advisers to Pope Benedict XVI, was finally disposing of limbo - a concept that was never official church doctrine but has been an enduring medieval theory of a blissful state among the departed, somehow different from both heaven and hell.

Some other interesting points brought up in the article:
  • It is hard to imagine depriving innocents of heaven.

  • If fetuses are human beings, what happens to their souls if they are aborted?

  • "Limbo has never been a definitive truth of the faith," Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, elected Benedict earlier this year, said in an interview in 1984, during his long term as Pope John Paul II's doctrinal watchdog. "Personally, I would let it drop, since it has always been only a theological hypothesis."

  • Excerpted from Vatican Considers Consigning Limbo to Oblivion - Ian Fisher, NY Times


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