Monday, October 31, 2005

Yale gets to add another accolade to its list.

President Bush nominated Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. to the supreme court to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. The hearings for this nominee could be quite the spectacle. Time Magazine has a post regarding Alito. Why Bush Picked Alito

Some brief highlights:

...while a limited paper trail was one of the Democrats' few quibbles with the record of Judge John Roberts as he was being considered for chief justice, Alito has a four-lane highway of writings: opinions on the Commerce Clause; the First Amendment (free speech, establishment clause and free exercise clause); the Fourth, Eighth and Eleventh amendments; and the Fourteenth Amendment (procedural due process and substantive due process). Oh, and then there are his writings on administrative law, criminal law, immigration, the False Claims Act, the Freedom of Information Act, and securities and prison litigation.

A memo being circulated among conservatives asserts that Alito "has more federal judicial experience than 105 of the 109 Supreme Court Justices appointed in U.S. history."


At 12:02 PM, Blogger Tyler said...

Speaking just for myself - Judge Alito is a much better nomination than Ms. Miers was.

We have someone that can be evaluated, now.


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