Monday, October 10, 2005

A letter to Rocky Anderson

Quoted from Utah Politics

Brother of Fallen Soldier Sends A Message [to] Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson email from Mike Cawley, who is the brother of Marine Staff Sgt. James W. Cawley, the first Iraq war casualty in Utah.

My problem with Rocky is not most of his policies, or even the fact that he protests. My problem is that Rocky continually uses the words “I/We support our troops.” In what way is that? To bring them home? Every soldier I’ve met has not, and is not asking for that. They feel people like Rocky are hurting, not helping, even aiding the enemy. They’re repulsed by his actions and claims of support.

What exactly is this support Mayor Anderson claims to give? Let me suggest some real ways for Rocky to claim support: The next time visiting officials from other cities come to Salt Lake City, let them buy their own drinks then take that $450 of taxpayer money and buy body armor for one of your constituents serving without body armor in Iraq. Don’t wait for the federal government to buy it, YOU are their government too Rocky. Instead of taking your employees and friends on a $135,000 luxury trip to Torino, Italy to deliver a Mayoral “Olympic message of peace, youth, and environment,” stay home instead, pick up the phone, wish Torino well and follow it up with a few pictures in the mail of the SLC Olympics. Do you really think your official, in person visit is going to make one bit of difference to their Olympics to the tune of $135,000? Who is that trip really for? Torino, or is it for you? Next time go out and raise $135,000 for the reservist troops from your city that have taken huge a pay cut to serve Salt Lake City and this country. Help their families. Don’t wait for the federal government. You are their government.

The problem with Rocky is that he uses the term “support our troops” as lip service to deflect criticism of his protests. Protests I can say without hesitation offend and disgust the vast majority of Utah servicemen serving, or who have served in Iraq. His use of the term “I support our troops” insults my family and other UTAH families who’ve lost loved ones that have served in THIS war. Repeat here, UTAH families.

Where are the UTAH families of the fallen at Rocky’s protests? Where are the IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN veterans at his protests? As of Jan 2005 over 1,048,884, soldiers have served in operation Iraqi Freedom. That’s approximately one-third the number of troops ever stationed in or around Vietnam during that war. Yes, you’ll find a few veterans of Vietnam and other wars at Rocky’s protests. They’ve more than earned the right to protest. But this isn’t Vietnam, or Korea, or WW2. It’s Iraq. Where are the 1,048,884 Iraq Veterans at his protests? Many of them have left the military by now and are free to protest. Where are they? You’ll find one or two family members of fallen soldiers in this war at Rocky’s rallies. Out of state people from Cindy Sheehan’s group. Sheehan has 57 members listed on her site who are family members of those fallen since 9/11. Five of those members are from Sheehan’s own family. One gold star family member of hers is an “honorary” Sheehan family member…whatever honorary means. I guess we hand out the term Gold Star Family member pretty cheap nowadays. Others in her group are related and represent (so to speak) the same soldier. Some soldiers listed died stateside in accidents. Do you know how many thousands and thousands of Gold Star family members of fallen Iraq soldiers there are? 80,000 to 100,000 would be an extremely conservative number. Sheehan’s 57 members aren’t even a dot on the map compared to the rest of us. Rocky points his stalwart finger at President Bush but completely ignores the four fingers pointing back at him. Mayor Anderson is part of government. Soldiers don’t care whether it’s city, state, or federal. Rocky too has a responsibility to his constituent soldiers no matter how hard he tries to pawn it off on the federal government. Protest, fine…but from now on, leave out the words, “I support our troops.” I’ve yet to meet a single Utah soldier or Utah Gold Star Family member that agrees with his policy and his actions concerning this war. I’ve yet to meet a single one that thinks he supports them. What person, city, or state is he representing when he claims support?

Mike Cawley


At 1:00 AM, Blogger PJ said...

Some soldier or Marine needs to explain to Rocky that you don't really support the troops if you don't want them to WIN.

Cutting and running, pulling out, appeasing, and fleeing before the job is done...those are not synonyms for "victory."

Wasatch Wealth

At 11:41 AM, Blogger Tyler said...

Rocky represents himself - and himself only.

It's time to get him outta there.


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