Thursday, September 08, 2005


Employment Growth
Some news the press is likely to overlook. Why is it the press tends to ignore good news?
BuzzCharts: Almost 5 Million Serving - National Review

We are currently within a hair’s breadth of achieving 5 million new jobs since the president’s tax cuts were fully implemented in May 2003. If we hit it this month, that would mean 5 million jobs in 28 months.

Chief Justice Rehnquist
I liked this article in the NY Times regarding our judiciary system and Rehnquist's influence on it.
A Defender of Independent Courts - NY Times

...honor one of the vital but less celebrated hallmarks of Chief Justice Rehnquist's 33-year service on the court: his proud record of defending the independence of the federal judiciary against attacks by politicians.

Those attacks, as Chief Justice Rehnquist noted last January in his 19th and final report on the state of the federal courts, have taken a troubling new turn in recent years. Without singling out individual members of Congress by name, he made clear his disapproval of some conservative Republicans, like the House majority leader, Tom DeLay, and others. He disapproved of their moving beyond the normal criticism of judicial decisions to try to bully and intimidate individual judges, strip federal courts of jurisdiction to decide certain constitutional challenges, and otherwise undermine the constitutional separation of powers and checks and balances.


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