Monday, June 13, 2005

View Number Two: 98% Pure

JUDGE: "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury... what say you?"
JURY: "We find the Defendant... Creepy... but Entertaining."

Is the world sighing in relief? Are there people gasping in horror? For months we have struggled with questions. What has happened to our favorite child-like superstar? What is the verdict on our modern-day Peter Pan?


Innocence. In a way we all value it. We all cling to it. We look around ourselves, and watch it melt away. Britney Spears was once a virgin. The Olsen Twins were once babies on Full House. Macauly Culkin was once "Home Alone." Paul Reubens was once Pee-Wee Herman.
Secretly we have watched our own corruption, and we have seen the world fall, and deep within our hearts we look for some verification that good exists - that nobility is not dead. So does the boy Michael Jackson in some strange social mockery of our personal worries represent a child-like innocence that we have watched erode away over two decades? Is a verdict against him a verdict against ourselves? If we find that the boy who lives in Neverland has completed his turn to the dark side (like so many before him), do we then lose all hope in ourselves?
For some, he was guilty of losing his innocence long ago. For some there is only darkness, tragedy, and suffering -- we all lose in the end. For others, the glimmer of hope fades each day, losing against the corruption of the world. For others, they must ask who is left to stand.
So do we cheer for Wacko Jacko, or do we sneer at Wack Jacko? Does the system work, or has it failed us? Does it really matter what twelve people think, or do we condemn him individually?


At 8:51 AM, Blogger Maine Man said...

"Every night I say a prayer in the hopes that there's a heaven,
but everyday I'm more confused as the saints turn in to sinners.
All the heroes and legends I knew as a child
Have fallen to idols of clay.
And I feel this empty place inside, so afraid that I've lost my faith"

-Styx, "show me the way"

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Nathan said...

I give it as my humble opinion that there are a couple of things more sad and disturbing in this case than Michael Jackson himself.

One is that the whole thing was fed, mutilated, propagated, and otherwise distorted from every possible angle by a frenzied media. We should really ask ourselves, "Is this really any of my business?" Another thought comes to mind, "Judge not, that ye be not judged." It's sad that the media exploited Michael for its own pathetic gain.

Second, it is sad to see so many people worship Michael Jackson in such a way. His "supporters" seemed to be "followers" in a state of idol worship. I often wondered how many of them knew Jacko personally? How could they possibly know for sure whether he were innocent or not?

Third, we all make mistakes. Yet in this instance Michael was publicly in the gallows before the trial was over. Was this fair? No. I personally wish the media would keep its dirty, mud-slinging face out of all court proceedings.

Finally, it's sad that even though Michael was acquitted, that he will forever be labeled as a child molester.

And yet another fallen star. Is the world really in turmoil? When your idol crumbles, what are you left with? I hope that we can set our goals, dreams, and aspirations a little higher than this world. Then we will be firm while society quivers around us.

At 10:36 AM, Blogger Tyler said...

I'm guilty of sneering at him. I don't cheer; not anymore.

The verdict is not a bestowal of innocence, but a statement that the prosecution did not satisfactorily prove its case.

What did come out, during the trial and even before, destroyed every last vistage of innocence.

Ultimately, I'm saddened. Saddened by what is gone and will be no more; a wreck of man, now a weak predator, a man of musical talent and genius who arguably was the single greatest influence on pop since Elvis - and that is gone.

He destroyed himself.

At 12:28 PM, Blogger The Niem said...

Perfect Poem, Maine Man.

I personally, am willing to accept the verdict and consider that Jacko may be odd, eccentric, and screwed up... but quite possibly not the monster some would have him be.

I suppose I could make some terrible assumptions... but frankly the man has been destroyed. I do not so much hope for his total obliteration, but rather that he might be able to change, to prove himself somewhat.

A strange, weak man, crippled.

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Matt Garn said...

I still believe that he is guilty of child abuse, maybe not against this kid but against others. A juror actually said this same thing. I think that the prosecution chose the wrong family to go against Jacko. I will however not lose any sleep over the proceedings. The people I question the most is these kids parents. Who in their right mind would allow their kids to sleep in the same house let alone the same bedroom as this lunatic. I believe that they are as much to blame as Jacko is. Anyway I've said my peace. I'm out.


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